This rustic house in France had been abandoned for more than 30 years. It was renovated preserving its original structure. Beams and natural wood in every room. Warm and inviting.


Maison extérieur

Ancienne grange
In the old barn, the large door was replaced with a steel double swing door with arched transom and fixed side windows, custom made by a craftsman locksmith. It provides access to the indoor pool. Unfortunately there wasn't a picture of the indoor pool.



Escalier entrée

Pieces Rez-de-chaussée

Cheminee salle a manger

It feels as if I could smell freshly baked bread just by looking at this kitchen.

I think I would need a little more privacy here, maybe with a screen or curtain.

Salle de bains


Photography by Fabien Delairon.
All images from here.

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