This is a former artist's studio on three levels. Just like a tower, the bedroom is on the top level, underneath, on the ground floor, comes the kitchen and dining room and then the living room is in the basement.

Un salon éclairé par des verrières anciennes et un grand miroir qui reflète la lumière

The dining room on the ground floor appears bigger than it actually is, thanks to a large mirror that gives a feeling of openness by reflecting the outside.

Une pièce en contrebas avec des marches qui mènent à la cuisine

The sunken living room is below the original workshop we see right at the top of the stairs. Above the sofa, you can see the kitchen behind the window.

Chambre en mezzanine qui profite de la lumière de la verrière.

The bedroom is quite small but very bright with light streaming in through the window on the roof.

All images from marie claire maison.

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