Good morning dear readers. The house we're visiting today is located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Madrid. Bought and restored by architect Fernando Yankelevich and decorated by interior designer Silvia Caballero. Formerly a three level multiple family building, they turned it into their home. The ground floor is now used as their office and both upper levels are their living spaces. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all on the first floor and the bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and small hall on the second floor.
Furnished in antiques and items found on their many trips, they have created a warm and inviting home. N'est-ce pas? (Tomorrow I'm flying to Paris so I'm getting ready!)

The coffee table in the living room was purchased in Marrakesh.

I love the way the bare brick wall looks here.

Love this rustic stairway. I know exposed pipes are convenient but I would rather hide them.

The headboard here is actually two headboards put together.

Nice and tidy closet with those baskets.

A simple bathroom. I like the idea of hanging the hand towels right where you need them.
Hope you enjoyed this tour.
Happy Friday to you my friends!

All images from MiCasaRevista.

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