The house I'm showing you today is in Parati, Rio de Janeiro. Founded in 1660, this picturesque town has preserved its colonial heritage in the form of elegant colonial Portuguese churches and houses in the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere of a town trapped contentedly in a time warp. Surrounded by beautiful, rugged beaches, numerous islands off the coast, parks with bromeliad plantations and waterfalls, it is a highly desirable tourist destination. I've been there once and it it truly magical. So, this house called Sao Francisco Vivenda was built in the 18th century and restored preserving its colonial charm and elegance.

The restored buildings are surrounded by rare and exotic trees, palms, ferns and wild orchids.

In the reading corner, Portuguese eighteenth century furniture .

Baroque style living room.

Eighteenth century rosewood dining room set.

New floor and restored original oven.

Photography by Guillaume de Laubier.
All images above from Cote Maison.

Here are two more photographs of Parati.

Dreamy Parati streets.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! See you tomorrow.

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