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The owner of this house was set to make the most of her garage sale and flea market finds. In every room, refashioned and repurposed items create this shabby vintage look. You might find some interesting ideas here. Come and see.

sofa beneath portrait
The brocade sofa in the living room was a $30 garage sale find (why can't I ever find these deals?) To dial back its formal look, the homeowner added a new ticking-covered cushion. For the coffee table, she topped an industrial trolley with a tray.

Vintage tray
Close-up of vintage tray on the coffee table.

Gold curtains about couch
Hanging the draperies high above the window moldings makes the room appear taller. A knotted ribbon was used to hang the small portrait.

cabinet with blue inside
The blue paint of this old hutch stands out against the white walls and furnishings.

living room with drapes in foreground
In the dining room, a balloon valance tops the door. The room's other entrance is draped with lace-trimmed curtains, and scraps of silk wrap around the chandelier's chain.

ceiling detail
My crafty friends might like the idea of this ceiling medallion which was created by painting an old frame white with pages of sheet music glued to the frame back. A hole in the middle of the frame back allows the chandelier chain and wires to pass through. Finally, scraps of silk were wrapped around the chain.

island in kitchen
A new table employed as a kitchen island solved a countertop space crunch. Staining the base moss green and painting the top to look like an old marble slab added the patina of age.

chalk board
A scrap of paneling and chalkboard paint were all it took to make an artsy menu board for the kitchen. A concrete garden urn and flea market glass apothecary jars and bottles were arranged in front.

bathroom detail
In the bathroom the homeowners transformed multiple items to create one vintage chic look. An old gun rack, sans hooks, makes a great above-sink bathroom shelf. The broken base of a birdbath, brought inside and upended, becomes a drop-off spot for jewelry in the bath.

All images and iformation from Better Homes & Gardens.

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