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This 1920s house is the work of architect Roland E. Coate Sr., who designed residences for golden-era Hollywood luminaries such as Barbara Stanwyck and David O. Selznick. Santa Monica-based Kathryn M. Ireland who has a client list that has included Steven Spielberg, Steve Martin and Caroline Kennedy — decorated this five-bedroom Spanish Colonial Revival casa in Palos Verdes Estates which overlooks the ocean. Like to take the tour?

Bougainvillea in bloom.

The designer leaves the walls, as well as the plushly stuffed sofas, a calm off-white: "It's like a blank canvas. And I added a splash of red. It keeps a room lively, buoyant and interesting. It's an important color. A lot of people omit it from their decorating."

Painting by Dana Bartlett. Custom mantle and grate.

An East Indian sunburst mirror rests above the mantlein the living room.

Trestle table and chairs, antique chandelier and 19th century mirror, both Italian.

Oil by Sherrie McGraw over Italian 18th-c. chest. Sconces, circa 1920's.

Dressing room of the master bedroom suite. The same fabric was used for the antique daybed, some of the pillows and window shade. Inlaid side table.

Kitchen island made of antique components from England.

Breakfast room with a Dutch door. Walnut dining table, wicker chairs and custom wooden banquette, all in French-style ticking.

Brick floor outdoors dining area with painted wicker chairs.

I'd like to thank those who took yesterday's quiz and let me know what their results were. It was really quite fun. Hope more of you will take it and tell me your styles!

All images and information from Veranda.

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