Renovated Basque Villa Renovated Basque Villa

This house in Guipúzcoa, a province in the Basque Country in Spain, was decorated by Iñaqui Mujika. I love the contrast between the dark gre...

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Summer House on Paros Summer House on Paros

This house is located near the town of Naoussa on the north of the Greek island of Paros in the Greek Cyclades . An Austrian couple, Martin...

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Modern Apartment in Sweden Modern Apartment in Sweden

It's a beautiful sunny morning here. Hope your Sunday is beautiful too. This apartment is featured on the Alvhem real estate site. A mo...

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New Atlanta Home New Atlanta Home

A devastating fire forced homeowners Bonneau and Jennifer Ansley to build a new home. They chose a spot in the Peachtree Battle neighborhoo...

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