Good morning dears! We are going all modern today with this apartment on the outskirts of Madrid in Spain. Arquitect Marcos Corrales was in charge of the renovation and made sure each room was filled with natural light. Let's take the tour.

The coffee tables were placed on a rug which in turn is placed on the area rug.

Close-up of a scaled down replica of the lounging chair which sits on the coffee table.

Four small tables were arranged together to make a big coffee table. The painting beside the vintage cage was made by the owner's children.

Table setting details.

Orange details pop up against the kitchen's white palette.

Pink hues in the master bedroom.

A large window pane connects the master bedroom with the home office and allows lots of light into both rooms. A white blind can be pulled down for privacy.

Modern lines, a rustic stool and an embroidered rug make up this eclectic bathroom. For extra light a window was placed above the mirrored cabinets.

Bright room for the kids. I would slipcover that armchair before letting them into the room. Maybe it is slipcovered... I can't really tell!

The desks were placed right by the windows to have plenty of natural light to do their homework.
Sliding panels can be closed and completely separate each room.

Notice how they left the side of the bookcase open right by the bed to provide a small side table.

Ok, that's it for today. Hope you are all doing well! Meet me here tomorrow.

All images from here.

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