It's a beautiful sunny morning here. Hope your Sunday is beautiful too.
This apartment is featured on the Alvhem real estate site. A modern, stylish apartment in an 1880 property in Linnestaden, Sweden. Would you take it as it is, or would you add some more colour? Love to know!

The property is located in a free mode
Facade typical of Linnestaden buildings.

and an impressive entrance
The entrance of the building with original tiles.

Incredibly beautiful staircase
A light under the staircase not only lets you watch your step but highlights the pattern of the steps.

which is a rare spacious and roomy rooms
Soft palette and modern furniture in the ample living room. Wooden boards for the floors.

The floor plan is open and very social
Wallpaper on one of the living room walls adds interest to the room.

the curved wall adds another character
There are three Swedish stoves - called kakelugn - in this apartment. The second one is in the bedroom and yet another one in the dining room. Notice how they added a light behind this one.

a comfortable reading area with favorite chair
Reading nook in the living room.

An easy-patterned wallpaper violates the white walls

One of three operable (!) Stoves
Close up of the Swedish stove.

The question is whether it can be so much better?

the beautiful living room which now serves as dining room

A charming room with a planned three hearty window

Invite your friends and enjoy an Italian buffet
Some bread and cheese for me please.

Comfortable kitchen with enormous character
Green hues in the kitchen.

Beautiful original cabinets offer excellent storage

The beautiful window light party invites

Welcome to an exceptional apartment

Wake up with fågelkivtter or a crackling fire

To the right is the bright, airy bedroom

A lovely peaceful place that opens up at the park

It's mostly intact since the property was built in 1902

A wide opening with high double doors leading into
And the third stove in a corner of the dining room.

More images right here while they last, remember this site takes the pictures down once the property is sold. Sometimes they leave them up for a few days.

Have a great Sunday and see you tomorrow!

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