This is an interesting house. I'm not sure whether you'll like it but it is has character and is brimming with antique items which are combined with modern furniture as well. Set in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Germain, it belongs to Albert Einstein's great grand niece Mony Linz-Einstein.

Mony Linz-Einstein
Mony Linz-Einstein

In the small white room Mony Linz-Einstein
Antique Swedish furniture, a litograph by Max Ernst, zinc wall molds once used to make stencils on porcelain and many scattered items in the sitting room.

Mixing genres in the kitchen
Swedish 18th century table, black and gold 17th century mora clock, Chinese bamboo chair and stool, old iron shelves on which doors have been added and chandeliers made with elements of recycled computers in the kitchen and dining area.

Wood floor to ceiling
Not much privacy in the master bedroom as it is right under the hall upstairs.

A guest room colorful and unique
In the guest bedroom a Tibetan rug and small 1920s Indian cabinet repainted white.

In the winter garden

The wrought iron staircase
It's not very visible, but there's an early XIX century carved wooden dog attached to the end of the stair rail. Bamboo ladder.

A Deco outside the box
Large shell mirror in the master bathroom.

Inside, the old shop foreman
The entrance of the house features cement mushroom shaped stools. Antique vases, candle holders, a mirror and a jug with a lobster shaped handle are displayed on the table.

A paved garden

An abundance of ferns and overgrown plants in the back patio with a 17th century Indian wooden temple sitting on a round table and antique stools scattered about.

Photography by Alexandre Bailhache.

All images and information from Cote Maison.

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