Good Sunday morning dear readers. I'm taking you today to Mexico where we will visit a rustic, elegant old Mexican house called Los Muros which means The Walls. Suzi and Gene Mann from Texas found a 200 year old windowless building that served as warehouse and trading place for local goods. They contacted architects throughout Mexico but they all wanted to completely modernize everything so they finally decided to plan the changes themselves and lead the renovation work.
This is how it turned out. Like it?

A fountain surrounded with potted plants and a few stone carved figurines in the centre of the courtyard. Bougainvillea climb the walls. An arched wrought iron gate separates the foyer from the courtyard.

This porch was once open but now window panes have been installed to keep the heat and insects out. The walls have been left untreated.

Surprisingly the chapel is a new construction.

Sitting area

Lots of outdoor pottery which add to the picturesque atmosphere.

It's easy to see why this house has been called Los Muros.

A collection of boots are displayed around a rustic table. See the bag that holds the door open? It's full of the rejected architects' proposals to make the house modern.

All seventeen construction workers were involved in getting the large beam above the fireplace in the right place. The upholstered high chairs at the round kitchen island are from a carpet dealer in Houston.

The couple's bedroom is an old iron bed that Suzi renovated. The corners are the so-called Milagros, which can be seen in local churches. The bedspread is made from fabric bought in Marrakesh.

The blue bedroom was especially designed for Suzi's 12-year-old niece. Wall color was selected to match the bedspread.

The bathroom has green tiles from the town of Dolores Hidalgo, famous for its hand-painted ceramics. The roof is round, which was Suzi's idea.

Typical rustic wooden furniture from Mexico.

Light streams in through small windows in the tower. Small romantic flower garlands adorn the ceiling.

Tiles in the bathroom from the nearby town of Dolores Hidalgo.

Close-up of painted ceramic animals matching colourful fabrics in the porch.

Hope you enjoyed this tour. Let me know what you think about this style. See you tomorrow!

Tria Giovani.

All images from here.

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