White House in Sweden White House in Sweden

This brand new white wooden house was built following a late 1800s style. Located in Brastad, in Sweden, May-Louise and Magnus Kruse purcha...

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Ideas for Porches Ideas for Porches

Good Monday morning dear readers! Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my post #500! It's nice to know people enjoy my blog. Today...

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Post # 500! And a Summer House in Costa del Sol Post # 500! And a Summer House in Costa del Sol

Dear readers, this is my post number 500. And guess what we are going to do to celebrate? You guessed! House tour, Yayy!! So, off we go to C...

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Coastal House in Spain Coastal House in Spain

Two brothers inherited a large two story house on the coast of Spain. It had been their childhood home and now that each had their own famil...

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