Autumn Colours in Gascony Autumn Colours in Gascony

A glorious garden in Gascony in the southwest of France reminiscent of the Tuscan scenery. It was designed and made ​​by the owner, Madel...

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Anti Stress Holiday Home Anti Stress Holiday Home

Today I just feel like plopping into this pool and float for a while. Then I'd make a point of leaving my wet footsteps on the kitchen f...

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Classic Style in Marbella Classic Style in Marbella

Good Monday morning, my friends. To start the week let's go off to Marbella, in Spain. This classic style house, surrounded by olive tr...

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Christmas at Château d’Ansouis Christmas at Château d’Ansouis

The Château d’Ansouis has been standing for over a thousand years , overlooking the village of Ansouis and the Valley of the Aigues, ...

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