This home, which is also now a Bed & Breakfast, is called The Linen Shed and is located near Faversham in England. It originally was a Great War army drill hall, then it became a dance and social hall for soldiers and locals and later it was a cinema – the Lucarno. If you are interested in reading the whole story behind this house just click on the link at the end of the post.

A planted american style veranda

Shabby Chic Dinning table and interior

Colonial Style living room

Colonial Style living room

Hallway with bathroom in background

Bell Jar containing a rose on a side table

Moving down the stairs a Large hand made mirror hangs above the stairs

Breakfast Tray with tea cups and flowers

Muted kitchen with ironing boad in the foreground

Bathroom with a traditional shower over the bath

An old sink that is now used as a potting bench

Veranda with plants and hanging baskets

Veranda with plants and hanging baskets

Photography by David Merewether
All images from here.

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